Shop With Me: Beauty Warehouse (Mortdale)

Sorry I have been a little MIA the last few weeks, both here and Insta. Any long time followers will know about my health problems, so combined with getting the flu that's going around and having 3 different jobs I am juggling, my body crashed out. But I have had a lot of nail mail come in this time so I can't wait to share everything with you!
In this time I also decided to pop in to my local beauty supply store that has just moved - Beauty Warehouse in Mortdale. Although they have only moved around a corner, it is now a bigger store that is nicely laid out. The new store is tucked away into a warehouse lot, so it is a little hard to find but at least you aren't trying to park on a main road anymore. They do have a few different stores, but this is literally a suburb away from me.
Beauty Warehouse does have a bit of a reputation of being one of the more expensive suppliers, but considering there isn't much else in the are (any other store I know of is at least a 30min drive) I don't mind spending a bit more for the convenience. One of the other things they are known for (although I have never actually had the funds to go to) is they offer training courses - like Elleebana lash lift training.
If you scroll through all the pictures I took, you can see they have a wide range of beauty products. I particularly love that they have a huge range of buffers and files, and most of the Hawley range for those of us who are addicted to Hydrofresh. One of these days I swear I am going to get a keg of the stuff installed into my nail room!
Now I know this is a shop with me, but on this occasion I didn't actually buy anything (shock and horror!) - this is because I was after a specific bottle of OPI from their latest range, but all the polishes they have are more of the core colours and some of the older ranges. This is what I would expect tbh as most supply stores are exactly the same, but hey it was worth a try! Note that this is a pro only place, and you will need to set up an account when you go, so they do check.

So if you're a southern Sydney tech, it is worth checking out if you're after those pesky basics that keep running out.
Beauty Warehouse
Unit 2, 10-12 Hearne Street, Mortdale, NSW 2223
Phone 1300 929 033

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