Yet another Born Pretty roundup!

I have had 2 parcels from Born Pretty in the last couple of weeks, so of course I am going to spam you all with pictures! Some of these I chose for myself and some they randomly sent me. But I generally like all my Born Pretty items so they are always welcome in my mailbox! 
First up is a cuticle pen. I've had one of their pens living in my handbag for the last few months and it's very empty, so this is the replacement. Except this time I got peach and it is much nicer scent than the almond one I had. Quite sweet, although a tad chemical, but it fades quickly. I still prefer my Unicorn Cuticle Oils on my desk for the scent, but I'm always worried about bottles breaking in my bag, so this is the perfect solution.

Unpopular opinion - I think dip nails are overrated. If you're going to do it just get a proper acrylic overlay or just get gel. I don't get the need for this mess. So why did I get this then? Because if you mix it with some clear acrylic powder you can make your own pretty acrylic colours. I don't think there are enough brands here in Aus that do interesting acrylic colours (feel free to correct me if you can think of any) so mixing my own is the next best option. So the picture below is using it as a traditional dip to see how it looks, and the bottom is using it as an acrylic with monomer. It's a subtle duochrome effect going on, but you can see it in the right light and it is very pretty. 

This isn't a colour I would pick for myself normally, but it is one of the products that I got randomly sent, so of course I'm going to swatch it and use it! If you're heavily into nail art, there is certainly a place in your life for brown polishes and this one was very nice and opaque. Here I am wearing 2 coats with a matte top coat. It does make for a nice autumn colour and I'm sure I will get lots of arty use out of it. 

This one I did pick out because it wasn't a standard colour. I don't have many greens and blues in my gel collection, and a lime green packed with holo glitter? Yes please. This is very sheer - you could get away with wearing it as a jelly if you wanted. I'm wearing 3 coats for the full bling effect.

I feel a little bad dissing on this next product, but it didn't live up to what I wanted it to be in my head. I liked these nails, but the product itself was a very thick gel (like almost builder consistency) with tiny dried flowers in it. Conceptually it's nice, but there just wasn't enough flower pay off for how hard this was to work with. I think I would rather just buy some dried flowers off them and mix it with a little top coat. Also, I only noticed now that the product in the pot has a nice pink base to it, but it was completely clear on the nail. 
Flower Fairy Gel: Item #45773 (the item is no long on their website so I can't link)

The 3d/4d (depending what company wants to call it) gel is certainly doing the rounds on Insta at the moment, so I grabbed this pot to play with it. This is my very first go at making 3d flowers like this, but it was incredibly easy. I've seen on other sites that some people like to use this with a slip solution, but I just made these using a little water to stop it sticking to my skin and a silicon tool to help get the petals the shape I want. The product itself is super pretty - they have this whole range of sparkly 3d gels and I kind of want them all now. Totally hooked on modelling now (although after it caught on my hair one too many times, these babies had to come off again, but hey it's all about the aesthetic for photos right?).

And this is your reminder that I do have a discount code you can use on any full priced products on their site - I don't get any money from it, it just gives you a discount and helps me keep working with them. Use my code VHW10 for 10% off full priced items

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