Propenish Anti Ageing Facemask

So a moment of truth - I am TERRIBLE when it comes to taking care of my skin. Like some days I will be really good and cleanse and moisturise, but other times I'll just take off my makeup in the shower with body soap. Yes I know what a terrible sin that is, I can feel you judging me from here. So I have been aquiring a few new skin care products (and reading a lot of Lab Muffin) in an effort to lift my game. I also got sent these super fancy face masks, so of course I'm going to try them out!

The Proplenish Anti-ageing facemask contains Swiss Snow Algae, hyaluronic acid and three active botanicals in a bio-cellulose mask. I had to instantly google that, because what on earth is Swiss Snow Algae (other than being green mushy stuff in water?!). According to the Proplenish website it "promote cell detoxification and repair, they also inhibit collagen-destroying enzymes, and boost natural collagen and elastin production." Well that sounds good? But to be honest they had me at the hyaluronic acid.... my skin always seems to feel so nice whenever I use anything with it.

The mask it self feels like a very thick slime, it keeps it shape but it did feel like something I make in my science experiments at work. But despite the feel and that it looks like I have a jellyfish on my face (although that describes all facemasks!) it did have a lot of moisture to it. And after leaving it on my face for half an hour I was surprised that I could feel a noticeable difference, my skin felt so smooth and possibly firmer? Not sure how that is possible but I did really like the effect. Glad I have a few of these to play with!

This mask comes in a pack of 4 for $39.95 from Proplenish

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