Another Born Pretty roundup.... and drama?!

So before I launch into this months' Born Pretty store, I think it would be amiss of me not to address
the drama that has been going around. If you have missed it, go check out this thread on reddit:
There have been numerous people having the same issue - I have pictures and receipts, but as they are taken from private FB groups I won't share. Just trust me this isn't a one-off occurence. So I know this is a person's reaction to someting in a product, and does sometimes happen. What concerns me is their customer service lack of care and refusal to give an MSDS. Will this impact me using their products? Heck no, I love my BP nail products! But I personally don't feel comfotable using something on a clients nails that I can't obtain an MSDS to. Happy to do it to my own nails, but to someone paying for a service - not so much. So I will personally keep using everything on my own nails, but will restrict what I use on others to products that I know will be safe, like stamping plates and foils. 

Ok, rant aside, let's launch into my latest round of pretties!
All these are available on their site, but they have requested that I also give out alternative links, so that's why the details look a little different to usual. 

First up is a glittery poly extension gel. I'm beginning to get the hang of working with this stuff. I just used one of my gel brushes and alchohol as the slip to work it. They have a whole bunch of elegant neautral colours and glitters, and I love that this one is a subtle gold that is almost a rose gold. It's super pretty! And of course I had to top it off with some flame stickers (from my store) because I can't leave anything plain!          

I grabbed a few plates this time - along with a whole bunch of extra ones that I bought from Aliexpress, because a girl can never have to many stamping plates! This one is a mandala plate that has a whole bunch of patterns to layer together. I used a Born Pretty grey gel polish, stamped in white and black, topped with matte top coat and a black gem. Like all their plates, great quality and really easy to stamp.         

This stamping plate I chose because I liked all the long patterns that I could do right across my nails (as you can see!). That and it had a few snowflakes and stars that will look great on some Christmas nails, but it has enough designs to use year-round. Like the other plate, it was really easy to stamp with - no problems to report!         

Lastly is a glittery shimmery dipping powder. Forgive that these nails aren't as smooth and perfect as they should be, but lately I've taken to using dipping powders on my right hand as they are so easy to apply, but I did do these over tips - so future note blend your tips properly! Anyway this powder was sooooooo pretty. It has so much depth to the colour that I couldn't stop looking at. Definitely want more from this series (and might have to turn into a traditional acrylic). 

And as always, if you do decide to order from the Born Pretty website, use my code VHW10 to get 10% off full priced items. 

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  1. thanks for this story it really is unbelievable that a nail polish can do so much damage & its still being allowed too be sold and shipped worldwide. Im in Australia and there is no real regulation/standards set for nail supply or services or even a consumer protection/advice service.
    Ive used born pretty products often from base coats to top coats to gel colours to even there polygel imitations, that was so painful within seconds being under LED light, making impossible to cure. 14 months ago my natural nails were long, rounded beautiful nails with arches and quite strong considering for the past 5 yrs ive been applying CND Barista gel overlay on my natural nails without the need of tips. I started going to a nail salon as it was often quicker and easier than me juggling between kids doing them, after about 2 months my nails slowly started to became weaker & weaker, started splitting and breaking and where really sore. 12 months down the track i now need a tip applied cause my natural nails are less than stumps and without enhancements applied or SNS my nails are too painful, my finger tips end up bleeding and whats left of my natural nails just continues to break and split downwards causing more pain. I never thought it could have been the born pretty polish i was using. I put the damage down to possible MMA use at nail salon i had been going too for the past 8 months... at this present time my nails are so badly damaged, i have very little feeling in the ends of some of my finger tips and my nails are so painful and so thin and weak that without any enhancements on them i really dont know if they are even able to repair.....