Revlon ColorStay Look Book Eyeshadows

I've got a fun set of eye shadows to share with you today - these are 3 of the ColorStay Look Book palettes from Revlon. I've been eyeing these off for ages, as someone who is not an expert in makeup (although I love it and learning as much as I can!!), I'm not great with choosing which colours to wear together. So having little palettes where the colour story all matches up so perfectly makes my life really easy! 
I started by swatching each of these dry over a primer on my arm - you can see below how they all turned out. Although I discovered after wearing them that if you apply the metallic shades with a wet brush, they look very foily and pretty on the eye. I had no problems blending any of them (and goodness knows I have some palettes in the same price range that are impossible to blend!) so that was a nice surprise. Pigmentation is ok, sure it's not as good as my Stila or Too Faced palettes, but it's also a quarter of the price, and still much better than some other more affordable ones out there. For each of my looks, I applied over a very small amount of the ColorStay Eye Shadow Primer (something I have been using daily for months now!) and everything stayed in place for the day. There was a small amount of fallout from the shimmery shades, but I really did slather them on and I don't think there are many shadows this metallic out there that don't have a small amount of fall out. It wasn't enough to be a problem anyway. 
When you put them all side-by-side, I think the gold shade may be a double up, but the rest of the colours are all very individual. I also appreciate that in each palette there is a good mix of lights, darks, and metallics for us novices, which makes choosing what to put on the lids/crease easier, and there are enough options that I can get a few quite different looks from each palette. The only downside I can find is that it is quite a small palette, and the pans are quite small so you have to be very careful with your brushes to make sure you don't pick up any colours on the side. 
Ok so let's jumt into the palettes:
Enigma (920) is matte and shimmer purples and nudes. This is my personal favourite of the 3 just because even though I am pasty white, my skin is warmed toned and I feel pinks and purples always look really nice on me. I found the purples lent a bit more pink when I applied them (as you can see in the swatches) but I still really like the colours they are.

Player (910) - a mix of matte and shimmery nudes, blues and greens. I'm not normally huge on the blue look on my complexion, but holy moly I have fallen in love with the metallic (second from the top) blue. You can't really tell in my selfie, but it is BLING! I also love that it has the browns in the mix so I can tone down all the bolder colours for a day look.

Maverick (930) is a combination of matte and shimmery browns. It's very versatile for those who like a neutral look - definitely pick this up if you're a nude kinda gal! Extra points for the rose gold shade!

These palettes all have an RRP of $19.95 (although if you hunt, they do on sale regularly), and for a palette where every shade is wearable, it's worth it!

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