When I was studying nails, I picked up one of those $30 training hands that you screw onto a table and clip the nails on to - I'm sure you know the ones, they're everywhere. While it was helpful while I was learning, it certainly had its problems. Because the nail beds clipped on, you had no feeling for applying product around the sidewalls and cuticle area - the areas I had the most trouble learning to get right! Also, when you tried to glue tips on, they just would not stick at all, and the bed was really thick which make sculpting hard too. It was a good learning tool to begin with, but it now sits in my nail room gathering dust. I have seen so many amazing nail techs using the silicone training hands (this video still have to be nail YouTube gold) but they are stupidly expensive so I never had taken the plunge. 
So then the Flexifinger came onto my radar. They were at the Sydney Nail Fest, so I took the opportunity to pick one up. They offer everything from the full hand and foot, down to a single finger. I got the single one on a stand to try it out. It was $29! Compared to others out there, that is a STEAL! The stand is like something you would get in a car kit with a suction cap base - this is literally the only downside.... the suction cap needs a smooth surface to stick to so it doesn't like the table I use so I have it stuck to a Kmart place-mat. The best part of it is that it takes universal size 3 full well nail tips. It did come with a bag to start me off, but at least it's a super easy thing to replace. You literally slide the tip straight into the finger and it stays put! You can see below I have taken pics both without and with the tip on. 
I think the finger is also almost realistic enough to pass on my Instagram images which is a bonus! Although as you can see below that the bit of tip that is inside the finger of course doesn't have anything applied so it wouldn't be useful if you're making display tips to show clients. 
And for the record this wasn't gifted or anything, I bought it myself and I really do love it that much. I feel like this is something every tech should have in their arsenal. 
Check out the full range at theflexifinger.com.au
No tip applied

Tip applied
Insta approved!

The tip removed

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