Batiste Dry Shampoo - Hair Benefits Range

If you've seen my previous posts on my hair drama, you know that I am playing around with products at the moment, trying to find a way to get that silk smooth glossy hair that I dream of (we're finally getting our hot water system replaced, so goodbye rust water, hello chelation time!). So I was stoked when I was sent a pack of Batiste's new range of dry shampoos to try out.  In the past I've been a little dubious of dry shampoo because I have horrendously dry hair that seems to just get drier the longer I go without washing. That and if you're a Brad Mondo fan (go check his YouTube if you haven't seen him before!) you know the fear of the white powder! 
So the thing that caught my eye with these products is that they are all for different hair types, meaning us poor dry frizzy mess girls have options! Also 3 of them claim to be invisible - so of course I had to put that to the test. The 4 varieties are Damage Control, Hydrate, Volume, and De-Frizz. All of these come in 2 sizes, and they have a nozzle that evenly sprays the product. I'm not 100% sure on this, but they all seem to be a formula from the original one and smell much nicer (and quite fresh). On their website they have slightly different application methods, but basically spray at the roots/through hair then brush through. Pretty quick and easy for that mid week refresh. So let's look at them all:
Batiste Damage Control has keratin in it and is for helping hair that is damaged from heat and over-processing (yup hand up here, I can't live without my GHD). This is an invisible formula, and as for each of these, I sprayed it onto a black surface to see how invisible it actually is. This one only had the tiniest bit of white and looked more glossy than powdery, and the white was mainly because I sprayed quite close. I think if you don't have specific concerns with your hair and just need something for a midweek cleanse, then this would be the one I would grab.
Batiste Hydrate is for normal to dry hair, and is formulated with moisturising avocado. Perfect for all of us that need to refresh but have gross dry ends. I think this may be my personal favourite of the lot just because it nicely removed any oil I had at the scalp, but the rest of my hair felt like I had just hit it with a leave in conditioner!  There was barely any noticeable white in this spray test at all!
Batiste Volume has pluming collage in it and is for adding volume, body and texture. If you're someone who gets flat on top when your hair is unwashed, or if you're like me and are partial to the scrunched hair look on occasions, then this one is for you. This is the only one that doesn't claim to be invisible, as you can see in my spray test.  A lot of white going on here, but it does add good texture and I didn't find the white too noticeable in my hair when I have it all fluffed up. 
Last of all is my other favourite of the range, Batiste De-Frizz. With smoothing coconut for settling down hair that has gotten unruly between washes. Once again very little white at all. And rather than try to describe my feelings about this to you, let me show you in picture form - the left is before and right after. Yes I did brush my hair in both of these. Kind of incredible right? 
Batiste is pretty much available everywhere, but you can go check out their entire range at their website at

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