Batiste Scented Dry Shampoo Packs

The other day I got surprise mail of these sweet gift packs from Batiste, so of course I'm going to show them to you, and rant about the joys of being a wavy hair girl (seeing as you all seem to love my curly girl hair rants!).
These gift packs contain one of their scented version of their standard dry shampoo formula and a matching hair brush. A great little stocking filler for the hair conscious gals and guys out there! There are a range of scents available but the 2 I have here are Tempt and Wildflower.
Tempt is described as Violet Leaf, Rose, Musk. I would say it's a bit of an earthy floral - totally my type of scent! Wildflower is Watermelon Sorbet, Apple Blossom, Sandalwood. It's a fresh floral fragrance perfect for summer. Both of these have a subtle scent, they smell amazing as you're doing your hair, and then it dissipates quite quickly so you don't need to worry about them clashing with your perfume. It makes for a nice sensory experience as you're freshening up those locks! The brush they come with is quite small but it is a cute addition and fits nicely into the handbag. 
So if you've read previous hair rants, you will know I tried out the Curly Girl method for my waves and struggled (particualrly with the hard water I had to deal with!). Since then our landlord finally replaced the hot water heater, so no more rust in the shower! I also got a haircut that the hairdresser did to help accentuate my waves. But as I am not quite ready to tie myself down to using such a specific set of products, I thought I would give it a go using what I had on hand, but all the styling techniques of the CGM - squish to condish, lathering up my hair with my Jessicirl Rockin Ringlets, scrunching in the Organic Care Hard Gel and then plopping into a tshirt. Below a pic on day 2 hair with no refreshing. And then on day 3 I hit it with the dry shampoo (hence I am loving my collection of Batiste!), and day 4 it goes into an up do. I'm going to experiment with some other products on the market to see what results can be done without getting restrictive about ingredients - so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear so I can try them out!

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