Benefit Warehouse Sale (Sydney)

Before anyone freaks at me - yes this is an event that has come and gone, but I am posting this for future reference! As a chronic warehouse sale goer, I am always googling when a brand says it is having a sale to see what they have sold in past years so I have an idea of when to expect. So for all the people in the future who want to go to a Benefit warehouse sale - here's pics and the price list from the 2019 one. It ran from 24 - 26/10 (thurs - sat) in Sydney.
This sale was in a room attached to the old theatre in Paddington - it was basically just one very large room. I got there on day 1 an hour early and there wasn't any queue. About 10min prior to opening there were about 20 people. They had to let us in one by one as you had to check your bags in as you entered, but it didn't take long (compared to those old Peeptoe Shoes sales where I stood outside for over 3 hours to get in!). All the items were put into giant boxes with prices written on the side. The best value of the day were the gift packs that were $20 each - some of them like the eyebrow kits there was loads of stock of, but others were very limited and were all done within the first half an hour. 
The shade ranges were fairly limited too - so you couldn't exactly go with a shopping list, but as someone with brown hair they had all the mid toned brow items that suited me!
 If you scroll to the bottom you can see me little haul - I didn't go crazy because I was on a VERY limited budget *sob* but there were girls there buying up BIG (and a lot I then later saw on eBay...). The Ace that Face was $5, brow brush $5, large cosmetics bag on the top $5, and the rest was a $20 gift.
Verdict: 9/10 this sale was absolutely worth it! Just make sure you check out for packs first as some of the single items were more than an entire pack that included them!
Be sure to follow Benefit on their socials in case they do this again.

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