Skullique Sari Silks Collection

One of the great Aussie indie brands, Skullique, has just released a new range called the Sari Silks collection. Each of these 5 colours is based on the the beautiful glowing shimmery colours that you find in Saris. All of these colours are just stunning on the nail. Really vivid pearl shades that are going to be a staple for summer. They all have the same formula, and are a tad sheer so they took 3 coats for full opacity, but they dry really fast so building them up was no issue. Also very little streaking which is nice for this kind of formula. The bottles are 15ml for $12.
Ok on to the swatch spam! All photos are 3 coats over clear acrylic nails with a clear top coat under my ring light.
First colour is Sambalpuri - a really vibrant metallic pink with a hint of purple fire to it.
Next up is Banarasi. This is a very yellow gold - like I mentally was thinking of this as a metallic yellow rather than gold (I know they’re the same thing, but you get what I mean). Makes for an unusual shade that I don’t have anything else like it.... and it’s so vibrant and gorgeous!!!!
This is is Chanderi. A shimmery green with gold flash. It’s chartreuse shade makes it a really flattering green!
This colour is Paithani. A bright shimmery teal that is absolutely divine!
The last shade is Kanjeevaram - a deep orchid purple shimmer with a hint of blue. I think this might be my favourite of them all. It’s so shiny and so vivid!
That's it! 5 stunning shades that all go together so perfectly. Go check them out!
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