W7 Glamorous Nails - Press On Nails

While I was grabbing my usual mountain of medicines at Chemist Warehouse recently, they have a half price sale on W7 items and they had a whole range of press on nails that I hadn't seen before. Of course I had to buy them and try them out for you! These retail for $4.99, but on sale they were only $2.50, which I think makes them the cheapest press ons I have tried. 
The pack comes with 24 nails, a tube of glue and a nail file. Compare this to my favourite press on brand (Dashing Diva) which comes with 30 nails. So my first impression was that there weren't really enough of each style and size to get matching hands if you want all the accent nails. Not the end of the world, but it is a noticeable difference to the more expansive brands. 
I have a personal preference for tabs, but the glue is fine and strong. You will need to be prepared to have to soak off these nails when you are done with them so you don't damage your nails. 
As you can see, the nails themselves are really pretty and I loved the shape. 
Ok onto the wear test....
No matter how fancy the press ons, I always find that the gems pop off instantly, and these were no different - they were all gone after the first night. This picture I snapped the next morning at about the 14 hour mark. If you want them for more than a one night occasion - just glue the gems down yourself!
This picture was day 3. The nails all were holding up looking great, then BAM giant cracked nail. At this point I cut off the rest of the broken nail determined to keep wearing them, but a few hours later the same thing happened to my thumb! Notice that both the nails that broke were both glitter nails. When you try to actually break them, the glitter and the rest of the nails are noticeably different. I literally couldn't snap the other ones! 
By the time I had 2 ruined, I couldn't handle it and had to get them off. The non-glitter nails would not budge. At all. I ended up cutting the tips off them and then needing to soak them in acetone to remove them. The worrying thing is as they soaked off they reeked of petrol. Don't know what that was about but blegh!!!!

So my final verdict - for the price they are ok. Not amazing but passable, especially if you want them for a special occasion. But I HIGHLY suggest picking a style that doesn't have the glitter nails, you will get much more wear and satisfaction out of them. The glue is ok, but if you worry about your natural nails, just pick up some sticky tabs separately and use them with these. Considering how little I paid, I'm pretty pleased. Sure they don't match up to some of my favourite brans out there, but they are also a quarter of the price! 


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  2. Shame about the broken one, they looks nice. I used W7 polishes a lot and thing they are very good for the price!