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I recently got sent a huge package of hair removal goodies from Nair as they have released a new Leg Mask and wanted me to check it out. As someone who is so hairy I think I might be part Wookie (hello pcos sufferers anyone?!) of course I was going to try everything out! As part of my nail tech certificate, I also had to have training on waxing - both body and facial - so I've gone from someone who didn't even know what hot and strip wax even was to someone who regularly waxes at home and waxes most of my family when they'll let me. So I'm pretty comfortable with my hair removal products, but it's been a long journey and I have tried my fair share of home products in the past and keen to see how they've evolved!
The first product here is their new release - the leg mask. It is 3-in-1 treatment that removes hair and stubble, gently exfoliates and moisturises the skin and theoretically minimises hair regrowth. It's a squeeze bottle that you use to put on a thick layer over your legs, leave for 10 minutes and rinse off! I did take before, during and after shots but they're at the bottom of the post for those that don't want to see gross veiny hairy legs! I am SUPER impressed with it. Not saying that because it was gifted - I will actually buy more of this when I run out because my legs haven't felt so nice and smooth in decades. Hairless but also so moisturized and soft. I found I got to about  week before my hair was so long again that I needed to reapply. 

Pros: Super easy to apply. You get quite a few applications in one tube. Moisturizing as well as hair removal. 

Cons: You need to sit in a way that your legs don't crease while waiting the 10 min, hair grows back quicker than waxing

Next up is their sugar wax. It comes in a kit with a spatula and strips - this is very similar to what I am used to using at home, but instead of having a wax warmer, this pot you just pop in the microwave until it's the right consistency. You then use the spatula to put a thin layer on, put the strip on top and rub it down, then rip that sucker off! To be honest I found the sugar a little less effective than using strip wax, but that come down to practice. But as it's sugar, its a LOT less messy as any spills or residue just rinse away!

Pros: Hair removal lasts weeks, lots of applications, really quick and easy to heat and use, any stickiness just washes off

Cons: You might need to buy more strips and spatulas separately if you want to keep using it, helpful to know some waxing techniques for maximum effectiveness.
The last of the items are the Large Wax Strips. These are prewaxed strips that you take out of the pack, peel apart (they are all 2 strips stuck tougher), put onto your leg then rip off! I used to use a similar product a million years ago, but you had to heat them up with your hands and really rub them to get them to work. You don't have to do that with these! They're really sticky and do a gret job of ripping those suckers out! Of the home waxing items, I think these are the most user friendly, you just don't get as much bang for your buck as you need quite a few to do your entire legs.

Pros: Hair removal lasts weeks, super satisfying that you can see everything they rip out (gross but so good!), no prep or heating up - they're ready to go straight from packet

Cons: not a lot of applications in one box for large areas, you may need to go over a spot a few times, probably the most painful of the 3 options (although still not that bad - just something to keep in mind if you're sensitive), residue doesn't wash off and needs to be removed with the wipes.

So there we go! If you're super lazy like me I really recommend the mask - since I took these pictures I've kept using it and haven't shaved or waxed since. I even tried it on my chin (don't do that at home kids - it burns!) but it just leaves your skin feeling incredible in a way that wax a lot doesn't do.
You can pick these up from almost any chemist or supermarket - but they do have a list on their website here:
Before Mask
A nice thick layer of mask
Post mask smoothness!

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