Skullique Wizard of Oz Collection Part One


Today I have another collection from the amazing Skullique to share with you. This is the Wizard of Oz Part One. There are 5 shades all together, and each one has a different finish and formula, but they are all absolutely beautiful as always! All of these swatches I have done on my clear acrylic nails and topped with a quick dry top coat. As they're all quite different, lets take a look at them separately...
Ville de Vert - a green jelly packed full with different sizes of green glitter. It’s very sparkly and very pretty. As it is so chonka full of glitter that it is quite textured so will need some extra top coat for totally smoothness. 2 coats with 2 coats of top coat.
Red Shoe Shuffle - a jelly red packed with red/copper flakes. 2 coats and truly a stunning red! This one is really smooth and easy to apply. Perfect twist on the classic red. 
Courageous - a caramel crelly base with a strong red/orange/pink/violet chameleon shift. It was hard to capture all the shimmer going on, but it is super pretty! It's a teeny bit more sheer than the first 2, so I am wearing 3 thin coats here with a single layer of topcoat.
Good Witch? This is a pale pink crammed full with iridescent flakies. This one has a more thicker consistency and took a bit of dabbing and layering to get to sit nice, that said it was well worth the effort and I think it would make an amazing effect topper. Here is 3 coats with single top coat. 
Metal Man - it’s a shiny silver with a subtle scattered holo through it. It’s a super elegant colour and perfect for us nail art lovers. Another that was very easy to apply. A teensy bit streaky, but not at all noticeable. The holo is quite subtle until you get it in the sun where it really shines! 2 coats and a single top coat. 
That's it! Any colours jump out at you? The silver and red I think are personal favourites and might be getting some Christmas day nail art love. If you don't already, make sure you go show her some love on the socials - we have to support all the Aussie indies as much as possible!

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