Skullique Sari Silks Part 2


A few indie brands have some amazing releases lined up for Boxing Day, and I am lucky enough to have some to share with you! Skullique is launching the Sari Silks Part 2 (you can see my post on part 1 here). There are 5 new shades of vibrant shimmery goodness that really look like silk on the nails. All the formula on these is the same - 2 to 3 coats for opacity. All my swatches are 3 coats but that's jut because I have totally clear gel nails right now so I need a little extra opacity to stop them looking like stained glass (which is a cool effect, but not quite what you want for swatches lol). They all dry down fast and semi glossy, all my swatches I've used a glossy top coat on to my them super shiny.

Bandhini. A gorgeous vibrant and deep orange with a subtle pink flash. 
Baluchari. A deep metallic blue that has a very deep ocean feel to it
Love a vibrant shimmery teal! One of my favourite colours 😍 This is Jamdani 
This shade is Kasavu - a really gorgeous purple satin shimmer
This is Phulkari - a a super bright yellow shimmer that is the most incredible summer shade
Skullique Sari Silks Part 2 releases on their Etsy store on Boxing Day.
Etsy Store

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