Sistaco Halloween Nail Art

I recently got sent some fun Halloween colours from Sistaco - see my last post on them here if you haven’t heard of this system before. The thing I love most about this brand is how versatile their products are, as you can take the powders and mix and match and play to make your perfect colour or art in this case! For these nails I tried mixing the powders with a little of the base gel and painting it on - which worked amazingly! I started by applying the first colour to the whole nail the normal way (ie applying base gel, cure, then run powder on top), then applied the mixed colours on top. My only note if you want to try this is to make sure you cure each colour as you apply, and cure longer than they say because the pigment is quite concentrated it takes longer. 

The 4 colours I used are:

Coral (orange)

Ultraviolet (purple)

Shamrock (green)

Platinum (holographic silver)

I know I get sent a lot of product (and buy even more!) but thought it was worth noting that I am almost out of the top coat because it’s actually my favourite gel top coat in my stash - so if you are like me and like to play with all the nail art, grab an extra top coat if you’re ordering! 

Hit up their website here...

Use code ONEMORECOAT for $20 OFF all at-home sets or collections (affiliate).


Here is a little video of how I applied these nails. Note that I didn’t film the curing but you do need to cure after each colour:

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