Opallac Oasis Palette


Oooof - yes it has been a hot minute since I updated this blog. For those that follow, you would know I had a baby boy a year ago. And when people say being a parent is exhausting and time consuming... that's an understatement! But he is now big enough and social enough to be in day care a few days a week, so mummy can get a small piece of her old life back!  I have such a huge backlog of items to show you - just because I've been to busy to post doesn't mean I haven't been shopping waaayyyy too much! Heck being sleep deprived and feeding a baby at 3am means I think I've bought even more than I used to!

This is a gel palette I got sent as PR ages ago (and did put up swatches on my Insta - so follow me there if you're not already!). But it is still available to buy so I'm posting here for anyone that hasn't already come across these pretties! This is the Opallac Oasis palette - 4  super pretty pastel neon gel polishes. I liked these so much that I recently did a massive gel polish destash and get rid of all the similar colours I had from other brands and kept these! Each picture here is 3 coats with a top coat - you can totally get away with 2 coats, but my macro lens shows every tiny imperfection so I do 3 for 100% coverage.

The pack retails for $58, which works out at $14.50 per bottle. 

Opallac is available directly from their website here.
Or from selected Priceline stores. 





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